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Daily maintenance products, such as Beard Wash and Beard Control are always recommended for any man with facial hair. These help to ensure that the beard is clean and healthy and growing. The rest of your beard care routine depends on what problems you want to treat or how you want your beard to look and feel at the end.

Treatment products, such as Beard Quencher, Scruff Scrub, or beard oils can be added into the routine to help manage problem areas. Beard Quencher will help relieve beard itch from dry skin underneath the beard. Scruff Scrub will exfoliate away any flakes or “beardruff” from product buildup or dry skin. Beard oils help to deeply nourish and soften rough, scratchy, or scraggly beard hairs.

After washing and/or treating the beard, styling products, such as beard balms, beard wax, Beard Control, or beard oils can be added in to achieve the desired look and feel. While beard oils work as a treatment product, they also leave the beard with a nice shine and a soft, natural feel. For a little more control over wild hairs and a little less shine, use Beard Control as a leave-in conditioner to tame and style the beard. For maximum hold and a refined, neatly styled look, use a beard balm or beard wax.

Washes and scrubs should be applied first, either in the shower or at the sink. We recommend using a wash daily to cleanse the beard, and add in a scrub a few times per week to exfoliate away excess product buildup and dry skin which cause flakes.

After washing, apply any necessary treatment products, such as Beard Quencher for itchy or flaky skin, or beard oils for dry or rough hairs.

After treatment, apply your desired styling products, such as beard oils, Beard Control, beard balms, or beard wax. For a shiny look, use beard oils last in your routine. For a more matte look, finish with Beard Control or beard balm to reduce shine from other products and add a stronger hold to shape and style the beard.

We recommend washing your beard daily or every other day. Beard Wash is formulated specifically for dry brittle beards. The nutrient rich formulation softens hair and hydrates the skin beneath. Scruff Wash combines the hydrating effects of Beard Wash with a gentle exfoliator. This is essential for keeping the skin underneath stubble or scruff healthy, and for removing the buildup of product and dead skin cells from longer beards. Adding in an exfoliator a few times per week can help to eliminate flakes and itch.

All Billy Jealousy beard oils use the same base formula, just with different scents, so each man can choose his favorite or mix up his scent. Scents for each product are listed in the “What to Expect” tab in the product details.

All Billy Jealousy beard balms use the same base formula, just with different scents, so each man can choose his favorite or mix up his scent. Scents for each product are listed in the “What to Expect” tab in the product details.

African American facial hair tends to be much more coarse and curly than Caucasian or Latino facial hair. We recommend using beard oils to deeply penetrate into the hair shaft and impart nourishment and softness. Beard oils can be applied in the morning as part of the beard treatment and styling routine, and again at night, before bed, for a deeply hydrating overnight treatment. The softening of the hairs will loosen tight curls and allow the beard to be more manageable.


Billy Jealousy offers two shampoo and conditioner sets. Our signature Fuzzy Logic Strengthening Shampoo and Cashmere Coat Strengthening Conditioner are formulated specifically to slow hair loss. These products contain ingredients that block DHT, a byproduct of testosterone, from attaching to and weakening the hair follicles. Fuzzy Logic and Cashmere Coat both contain peppermint oil and other natural extracts that help to increase the circulation of blood and oxygen to the scalp which can help to stimulate healthy growth. This combination is best for men with all hair types, and especially those with fine or thinning hair.

Monsoon Mist Tea Tree Shampoo and Typhoon Tango Tea Tree Conditioner are formulated with tea tree oil to moisturize and soothe the scalp, reducing itchiness and irritation. Tea tree oil is highly effective for clearing out clogged hair follicles, helping to eliminate flakes and dandruff from excess product buildup and oil. The powerful tea tree oil, while highly beneficial to the hair and hair follicles, can sometimes be harsh on skin and hands, so our specialty blend dilutes the tea tree oil with peppermint oil for a nourishing, hydrating, and refreshing feeling every time you shower. This combination is recommended for men with all hair types, and especially those with dry, itchy scalp or dandruff.

Billy Jealousy hair styling products are all made with nourishing ingredients that help to slow hair loss, but for styling thin or fine hair, typically a matte or low shine product will work the best to give the appearance of fullness. We recommend using Headlock Molding Cream, Sculpt Friction Fiber Paste, or Devil’s Delight Matte Pomade. Headlock Molding Cream is a creamy and versatile formula that works for every hair type and almost every style. Sculpt Friction Fiber Paste uses a fibrous formula to add texture and volume for a beachy, full look. Devil’s Delight Matte Pomade is a very dry formula which works well for thin hair that is very short. This product styles hair without looking like there was any product used. This allows you to style areas where you can see parts of the scalp or hairline without highlighting these areas.

For thick or curly hair, we recommend a strong or maximum hold product, such as our pomades, Lunatic Fringe and Plaster Master, or Slush Fund Styling Mud. These products have the all day hold necessary to tame thick or curly hair. For a full and textured look, use Slush Fund. This formula is thick with a fading shine, meaning the hold is tough and long lasting, but the shine fades throughout the day for a more natural look. Lunatic Fringe and Plaster Master both provide high shine and medium shine finishes respectively, perfect for creating smooth, clean pompadours and slick-backs.

For long hair, we recommend using a cream styling product, such as Headlock Molding Cream or Ruckus Forming Cream. The smoothness of these products will allow them to apply easily to long hair and won’t weigh hairs down. The low shine or matte finish of these two products allow long hair to look styled, never greasy or overloaded with product.


The shave cream you use should pair well with the razor you use. If you prefer a quick shave, in the shower or at the sink, with a standard multiblade razor, we recommend shaving with Hydroplane. The super-slick formula reacts with water to increase razor glide and prevent friction or razor burn.

Due to the irregular shape of the head, we recommend using our Hydroplane shave cream with a multiblade razor. Use light, gentle strokes, moving along the contours of the head. Rinse the blades often and apply more water throughout the shave to activate Hydroplane and enhance the slickness of the formula.

Product Ingredients

All Billy Jealousy products are PETA-certified cruelty-free. We do not test our formulas on animals or use any ingredients tested on animals.

Most Billy Jealousy products are vegan. You can find our full collection of vegan products here. The only products excluded from this collection are a selection of our beard and hair styling products which contain beeswax or lanolin wax for added hold.

Most Billy Jealousy products contain both natural and synthetic compounds to be able to provide you with the most effective formula. We base our formulas on scientific research, and we use only the finest raw materials in all of our products. Each of our formulas contain 5-20 key ingredients which combine to create a chemical reaction that has a direct benefit in enhancing and protecting your appearance. We don’t use unnecessary or harsh chemicals, and we are more than happy to answer any questions about our ingredients and their purposes. (That big science-y word on the back of the bottle that sounds scary could actually be a dermatologist-tested and eco-safe compound used to make your product last longer, thus saving you money!)


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