Billy Jealousy, an everyman brand for extraordinary individuals.

In a world full of Williams, Billy always stands apart.

There’s “Piano Man” Billy Joel, for example, who wields his baby grand like a weapon; British rocker Billy Idol, whose platinum spikes and signature snarl made pop culture from punk; and Billy the Kid, whose legendary gunslinging made the Wild West wild. In the world of men’s grooming, however, there’s only one Billy you need to know: Billy Jealousy, an everyman brand for extraordinary gents.

Founder and president Pat Parsi established the company in 2004 after years of abusing his face with drugstore shaving supplies.

A former dot-com executive, he became obsessed with finding men’s grooming products that would make him look good and feel better.So, he decided to make his own. Like the fictitious bloke for which it’s named — Billy Jealousy is a proxy for the modern American man: urbane, independent, enterprising, irreverent — the business he conceived has become a celebrated beard brand that provides head-to-toe men’s grooming solutions for the hair, body and face.

Those solutions have received more than 25 awards from magazines like Men’s Health, Esquire, GQ and Men's Fitness.

More importantly, though, they’ve attracted a devoted following of discerning men who choose Billy Jealousy products because they’re effective, ethical and environmentally friendly: All Billy Jealousy products are cosmeceutical-grade and salon-quality; cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and PETA-approved; and made with natural ingredients that are free of planet-harming sulfates, parabens and phthalates. Plus, they’re produced and packaged by American workers in American factories. That makes Billy Jealousy a win-win-win-win — healthy skin, healthy animals, a healthy environment and a healthy economy.