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Coconut, shea and sunflower oils give your beard what it's thirsting for. Softens, moisturizes and protects the most weather worn and damaged of beards.
A tantalizing trio of shea butter, coconut and castor oils properly hydrate, nourish, and protect your chin’s charming companion. Battles frizz and flyaways while taking to task bothersome itch and...
Coconut, shea, and sunflower oils penetrate deep to soften, hydrate, and smooth your killer facial fuzz. Improves beard strength and elasticity.
Billy Jealousy’s Mellow Lime Beard Balm is loaded with coconut, shea, and sunflower oils: all the good, natural stuff you need to keep your beard soft, shiny, and smooth.
Original Gangster Beard Balm
Make your beard an even sweeter offer it can’t refuse with Billy Jealousy’s Original Gangster Beard Balm. A few tough guys like Coconut, Shea and Castor Oils will soften up your beard in no time.
Tame your snarling beard with Billy Jealousy’s TinMan No 1 Beard Wax. Controls, nourishes and conditions your charming chin curtain with beeswax, lanolin wax and glycerin.
This expert blend of rich oils and waxes not only styles, but conditions your ’stache and the skin underneath.
Let Billy Jealousy lead the way to a wickedly handsome beard. Travel-friendly kit includes three products to cleanse, nourish and strengthen your bristly buddy.
Our award-winning beard oil formula made from only the finest essential oils now available in a kit of our three most popular scents.
Billy Jealousy's O.G. Beard Care Trio has the goods to wash, protect and groom your boss beard.
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