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Hair Raiser Follicle Revitalizer
Hair Raiser helps increase hair thickness, strength and vigor, supplying hair follicles with essential nutrients and DHT inhibitors, nourishing and promoting healthy hair growth.
This styling puck makes it easy to create structured or messy looks for medium to long hair. The flexible hold can be reworked throughout the day, and won’t flake out.
Subdue that wild mane of yours with Lunatic Fringe, a strong hold, humectant-rich pomade that offers excellent control, manageability and anti-frizz benefits.
Ocean Front Body Wash
Ocean Front body wash combines a rich blend of active ingredients to cleanse and condition the skin. Vitamin E softens and smoothes skin, while panthenol softens and smoothes body hair.
Our unique Beard Envy Kit includes our hydrating Beard Wash with aloe and soy protein, an extra-firm, boar bristle brush and Beard Control, our leave-in styling product with jojoba oil.
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