Refine the Rugged

How to Extinguish Razor Burn for Good
Angry face? Give it a chill pill with these shaving tips. In Chinese culture, the color red is auspicious and lucky — it symbolizes happiness, beauty and success. On a man’s clean-shaven face, however, the color red can only mean...
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Pomades and Pastes and Clays, Oh My!
But what, exactly, is the right hair product? With so many styling products to choose from, it’s hard to know. What’s forming cream vs. pomade, for example, or forming cream vs. fiber? What’s the best hair gel for men who want a natural look, and the best hair gel for men who want that sharp, slicked-back wet look? What’s the difference between molding cream and hair clay?
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10 Cinematic Beards That Deserve Oscars
Pop some corn and marvel at this collection of famous facial hair. When this year’s Academy Awards ceremony takes place in Los Angeles on April 25, all gazes will be fixed on the glitzy gowns, the haute hairstyles, the crusty-eyed...
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