Beardo's Bounty Beard Balm

Coconut, shea and sunflower oils give your beard what it's thirsting for. Softens, moisturizes and protects the most weather worn and damaged of beards.


Formulated with coconut, shea, and sunflower oils, Beardo’s Bounty Beard Balm softens, moisturizes, and protects even the most weather worn and damaged of beards. Helps to eliminate itch and flakes while adding a touch of shine and a tropical tangerine and lime fragrance. Use in place of an oil to lay down flyaways and give the beard a fuller appearance.

SCENT: Lime and Tangerine scented for ye scurviest of bearded dogs!


+ Natural ingredients
+ Safe for sensitive skin
+ Cruelty free
+ Paraben free
+ Phthalate free
+ Made in America

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