Tin Man No. 1 Beard Wax

Tame your snarling beard with Billy Jealousy’s TinMan No 1 Beard Wax. Controls, nourishes and conditions your charming chin curtain with beeswax, lanolin wax and glycerin.


Tin Man Beard Wax is formulated with natural beeswax and glycerin to naturally soften the beard and keep disorderly hairs in place without weighing hair down. Softens and helps prevent itching and flakes, while providing enough hold to style longer, wilder beards. Protects beard without leaving behind any shine for a natural, no-product look.

TinMan is ideal for sculpting and styling your beard. If you want more hold than Beard Control please consider Tin Man.

+ Sulfate Free
+ Paraben Free
+ Cruelty Free
+ Best Seller
+ Made in America

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