Carve out the hero in your hair.

Sculpt Friction

Fiber Paste

2 oz / 57 g

Does your hair read like a cheap novel-limp and dog-eared? Demand a rewrite with Sculpt Friction, a styling paste to carve out the hero in your hair. Slide a smear back and forth quickly between hands, then rakishly finger-comb into place. Not only does the plot thicken, hair is shinier, stronger, and stays put. Check mirror, smile and… scene.

  • Non-greasy
  • Moisturizing
  • Conditioning
  • Gives moldability without flaking
  • Ideal for short to medium length hair


Dip out a small amount. Rub rapidly between palms to emulsify. Run hands through damp hair, styling as desired.

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$16.00 - 2 oz / 57 g

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