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Cardio Power to the Max

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Here’s an interesting thought- exercise for the planet. We’ve all heard of producing electricity in unconventional ways- water wheels, windmills & the likes.. But have you ever considered working out as a means of generating some wattage? Riding stationary bicycles to create power is a new trend that is catching on.

A Phoenix jail system currently puts its female inmates to work. In order to watch tv, they have to ride stationary bikes to power the television sets that they’re watch. “Give them access to their favorite soaps and cop shows and they’ll pedal till the cows come home,” says Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Or here’s a twist-  the Habana Outpost, a restaurant in Brooklyn, gives customers a discount on their smoothies if they pedal to power the blender. It only takes about a minute of pedaling to generate enough power for the drink, so most customers are willing to break a sweat for their $1 off.

The Green Revolution and ReRev, both companies retrofitting bikes to generate power, have added devices to bikes and elliptical machines in gyms all over the country.

Could be a genius move to get people back in shape. Perhaps generating power while exercising pushes you to work harder- when your health is linked to the planet’s, you’re willing to work harder!