Cult Streetwear

Cult StreetwearCult StreetwearCult StreetwearCult Streetwear

There’s no doubt that streetwear has become a global phenomenon. Its combination of cultural codes of dress, the latest and greatest in graphic design, and brand building has become influential beyond the sphere of fashion alone.  Streetwear has connections to the worlds of art, advertising, music and interiors, which make it as powerful as “designer” brands that are many times its size.

Josh Sims has written a book, “Cult Streetwear,” that showcases over 30 of the most exciting streetwear brands that have shaped the market since the late 1980’s. In his book, Sims conveys the history of streetwear, breaking it down into 3 main categories: streetwear, sportswear and workwear. “Cult Streetwear” tells the stories of the great minds behind the brands (ranging from entrepeneurs to graffiti artists to DJs to sneaker nuts) covering the globe.  Sims explores each brand’s cultural resonance and explains why so many brands have successfully gained a following while continuing to break new ground in such an innovative market.

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